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Snikkr 1.0 is the next-generation social productivity tool for smart-phones. It brings together social networking, productivity and location-based services on your mobile phone, in one easy-to-use, low-cost package.

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Location-Based Services
Snikkr provides great location-based services on your mobile device: mapping, directions, and local search. Snikkr knows where you are, and can help you get where you are going with just a few clicks.

Unlike other location-based application Snikkr lets you do a lot of this without a lot of typing or re-typing.

Live Tracking With TrackMe
Even before you add anyone to your Snikkr friends network, you can share you location with them. Just send them a TrackMe link and they will be able to see where you are for exactly the amount of time you specify. They just use a web browser from their desktop or smart-phone!

They don't need a Snikkr account, or any mobile software, so you can send a TrackMe to anyone. Find out more.

Social Networking
Snikkr lets you share your location, status and favorite places with your friends, family and co-workers on the go. You decide how much to share with each friend, and for how long. Going on a trip with some friends for the weekend? Snikkr let's you share your location and relevant places with those friends for the next 48 hours. On Monday morning, your location stops being shared.

But people don't need to be in your social network for you to share with them. You can send your current location and a map to anyone in your contact list, or anyone you are meeting with.

Plus, Snikkr can share your status with Twitter, and your location with Yahoo FireEagle.

Unlike other mobile social networks, Snikkr makes it easy to share just what you want to, just when it makes sense.

Snikkr's location-based and social networking features are integrated into your smart-phone's built-in calendar and contacts. Want to get directions to that upcoming meeting? Just one click from your phone's calendar application and you get turn-by-turn directions from where you are now. Need to see where your contact's business is on a map? Just one click for that, too.

Unlike other productivity tools, Snikkr is fully integrated into your existing applications. No re-typing addresses and names into Snikkr that are already in your phone's contact list.

Snikkr is built from the ground up for smart-phones, and designed to make things you need to do from your phone easy and fast. Driving to a meeting and trying to fumble with your phone's browser to enter an address and get directions? Better pull over first! But with Snikkr, you can get those directions with a single click, much faster than it takes the next stoplight to change.

Unlike many other mobile social applications, Snikkr makes your smart-phone a first class citizen, with a fully optimized, native application.

If you are at your computer, you can still use Snikkr's great location-based and social networking features. See where your friends are right now, and send messages and favorite places to whatever device they are using now.

Planning a trip? Use the web version of Snikkr to look up places to eat, stay and visit, and quickly add them to your favorites. Those favorites automatically sync to your phone, and are shared with your Snikkr friends.

Unlike mobile-only applications, Snikkr can be used from the Web, and gives you access to great location-based social productivity services right from your desktop.

Who is Snikkr For?
Do you travel a lot with more access to your cell phone than a laptop?
Then you can use Snikkr to get maps and directions, and search for local businesses, all from your phone.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic, fumbling with your phone just to let people know you are going to be late?
Then you can use Snikkr to send your current location and ETA to the people you are meeting with, in just a few clicks. They don't even need to be in your social network!

Trying to get together with friends after work, but are not sure where everyone decided to meet?
Snikkr can show you where they are without the back-and-forth phone calls and text messages. And if plans change, Snikkr keeps you up to date. With Snikkr, your friends can share their location with you just when they need to, for as long as they want to. Once the party is over, Snikkr automatically makes your location private again.

Getting Started With Snikkr
Once you download Snikkr to your mobile phone, there is a lot you can do with it right away, even if you never add a single friend to your Snikkr network!

Use Snikkr's mapping services to get things done faster, and more easily.
Snikkr allows you to find yourself or any address on the map, get directions, and even figure out your ETA. You can also search for businesses near you or an arbitrary map location.

Send your location to, or view on the map, anyone in your contact list or calendar.
Snikkr integrates with the contact list and calendar already on your phone. Look at an upcoming meeting in your calendar, and Snikkr's integrated menu items will allow you to get directions, for example, or send all the attendees your current location.

Send a TrackMe to anyone who needs to know where you are.
Create a TrackMe that last just as long as you want it to -- say 30 minutes. Anyone you send the TrackMe link to will be able to see where you are for the next 30 minutes, right from their web browser.

Add your favorite places.
You can use Snikkr's local search to lookup your favorite places and add them to your favorites list. Or you can enter new favorites by hand. Once a bar or restaurant is in your favorites list, it is that much easier to get directions to it, visit its web site, or call it on the phone.

Set up Twitter and FireEagle sharing.
Snikkr allow you to update your status so all your friends can see. Once you set up sharing with your Twitter account, all your Snikkr updates are forwarded to Twitter for your followers to see. In the same way, you can set up Snikkr to share your current location with Yahoo's FireEagle service. (Note that sharing with outside services must be set up from the your account on the web site.)

Add friends to your Snikkr network.
Adding people to your network makes it even easier to share your location, status and favorites with them. Plus unlike most mobile social networks, you have a choice of when you share your location and status with your friends.

Share your location just when you want to, and not when you don't.
Snikkr's easy to use QuickShare feature allows you to share your location with specific friends for just the time you want. Once that time has expired, your location goes back to being private. Once you have added a friend to your network, just select the friend from the friends list, and choose QuickShare from the menu. You can then tell Snikkr for exactly how long you want to share your location.

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